Potters Wheels Shipping Information and Charges

Shipping information and costs for spares, accessories and bats.
**Free Delivery on all Discus Potters Wheels Kits and Packages **

All shipments require a signature upon delivery.
Charges are based on Monday – Friday deliveries.
Please retain all packaging (for insurance or return purposes) for a minimum of 14 days.
Shipping and Packing for the UK as below. (call or email for International or orders values over £1199.00)
We reserve the right to modify these charges and will contact you if necessary.
Please allow 5 -7 working days (subject to T&C’s) for delivery.

For order values over £699.00  and not ordering a wheel or please contact us for carriage costs.

Spares, accessories and bats when not ordered with a wheel Cost
£1 – £10.00 £3.00
£10.01 – £49.99 £8.00
£50.00 – £99.99 £15.00
£100.00 – £199.99 £18.00
£200.00 – £698.00 £25.00
£699.00 and over if ordering a Potters Wheel Kit or Wheel Package £FREE
£699.00 and over if not ordering a Potters Wheel Kit or Wheel Package – PLEASE CONTACT US £CONTACT US