Discus Craftsman electric Potter’s Wheel – PACKAGE


The complete Discus Craftsman Potter’s Wheel Package, includes the full Potters Wheel Kit, portable folding stand, stool, shelf, bats, tools etc. as shown.

Saving over £75.00 compared to buying items individually.

Price includes delivery, UK delivery only

Delivery period: 5 – 7 working days


Discus Craftsman Electric Potter’s Wheel PACKAGE

The complete package for all your pottery needs, excellent value for money, saving over £75.00 compared to buying items individually.
Package includes the following:
Discus Craftsman Potter’s Wheel (powerful 300 watts electric motor delivering over a 1/3 hp)
Portable Folding Stand
Complete potters toolset
Three bats (variety of sizes)
Plastic Master bat
2 x 152mm dia. plywood mini bats to fit in plastic master bat
Centres 16kgs clay. Range 0 to 300 rpm.(±5%)
Delivered free of charge in 2 x cartons

Additional information

Carton 1 - dimensions

dimensions 580 x 450 x 280mm, weight 18kg

Carton 2 - dimensions

dimensions 630 x 450 x 150mm, weight 12kg


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